Navigating China’s Productions with Expert China Fixer Services

Looking for China Fixer Services? For over a decade, Shoot In China has been a trusted name in the industry, providing expert video production and filming support to clients across China. Since 2012, our journey has been marked by our dedication to excellence and a commitment to helping clients navigate the complexities of producing content in China.

China Fixer Services

China Fixer Services: Your Production Partner

When it comes to ensuring a seamless and successful production in China, our China fixer services stand out. As experts in the field, we understand the intricacies of filming in this diverse and culturally rich nation. Our team is based in Shanghai, a vibrant hub for media and entertainment since 2012. We have a proven track record of assisting hundreds of clients with their filming needs, and we’re proud to have played a pivotal role in the success stories of Fortune 500 companies, media organizations, sports events, and international brands. In the ever-evolving landscape of video production and filmmaking, securing the right support is essential.

Bilingual Fixers: Your Bridge to China

One of our key strengths lies in our bilingual English-Chinese team. They are your bridge to overcoming language barriers and cultural differences. These talented professionals will guide you through every step of production, ensuring that your vision is understood and executed with precision. Whether you need location scouting, assistance with permits and regulations, or local knowledge, our bilingual fixers are here to make your filming experience in China as smooth as possible.

Comprehensive China Fixer Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive China fixer services that cover all aspects of your production journey. From pre-production to the final shot, our team is equipped to handle it all. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Location Scouting: Finding the perfect backdrop for your production is critical. Our fixers are well-versed in discovering the most captivating locations that China has to offer.
  • Permits and Regulations: Navigating the regulations and permits required for filming in China can be daunting. Our experts are here to ensure that you meet all legal requirements.
  • Local Knowledge: Understanding the cultural nuances and local customs is vital for a successful shoot. We provide you with the insights you need to make your production culturally sensitive.
  • Production Insurance: Securing your production with the right insurance is crucial. We’ll help you find the most suitable insurance to protect your project.
  • Collaborative Crew: From cameramen to gaffers, our extensive network includes skilled professionals who will contribute to your production’s success.

Covering Major Chinese Cities and Beyond

While Shanghai remains our home base, we’re proud to offer our China fixer services across major Chinese cities. You can count on our support in locations such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. Our expansive network ensures that we have your production needs covered, no matter where your project takes you in China.

Let Shoot In China be your partner in producing outstanding content in China. Our bilingual local fixer services are designed to make your experience memorable for all the right reasons. When you choose us, you’re choosing a reliable ally to help you navigate the diverse landscape of video production in China. Get in touch today, and let’s bring your vision to life with the help of our expert China fixers.


Your Trusted China Local Fixer for Exceptional Productions

Looking for local fixer in China? At Shoot In China, we have earned our reputation as a premier video production and filming support company with over a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence. Our journey began in Shanghai in 2012, and since then, we’ve played a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of numerous clients.

China Local Fixer

China Local Fixer Services: As your dedicated China local fixer, we ensure that your production experience is smooth and efficient. Whether you’re working on a documentary, a feature film, a commercial, or any other project, our experienced team is equipped to meet your unique needs.

Hire Top Fixers: When you choose Shoot In China, you’re not just choosing a local fixer; you’re gaining access to a network of top-tier professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to make your project a triumph. From content research to location scouting, our team handles it all.

Producers and Location Managers: We understand that seamless production requires a well-coordinated effort. Our seasoned producers and location managers work tirelessly to ensure every detail is executed flawlessly.

Extensive Coverage Across China: While we call Shanghai our home, our services extend across China. We’ve had the privilege of working in a multitude of cities, from the vibrant streets of Beijing to the southern charm of Shenzhen and Guangdong, covering the nation’s expanse.

Full-Service Filming Support: Beyond fixing, we offer comprehensive production support, including pre-production assistance, casting, crew coordination, and even dealing with logistics like taxes, equipment rental, and insurance. You focus on your creative vision; we’ll handle the rest.

A Partner for All Productions: Shoot In China has been the choice of Fortune 500 companies, media organizations, sports entities, major events, and international brands. Our bilingual, experienced English production team is always ready to collaborate on your project.

If you’re searching for a China local fixer to elevate your production, look no further. Our 10+ years of experience, complemented by a dynamic team and extensive coverage, make us your ultimate partner for success in video production. We’re ready to guide you through every step of your project, ensuring it reaches its full potential.


Elevate Your Vision with Premier Drone Services in China

Are you ready to take your projects to new heights in China? At Shoot In China, we specialize in offering top-tier Drone Services that can transform your creative vision into reality. With a decade of experience in video production and production support across China, we’ve been a trusted partner for countless clients. Since 2012, we’ve assisted a diverse range of projects, providing expert guidance through each production stage.

Drone Services in China

Our bilingual English-Chinese team is based in Shanghai and stands ready to assist you. From Fortune 500 companies to media organizations, sports events, and international brands, we’ve helped a wide array of clients excel in content creation since 2012.

Let’s delve into how our Drone Services in China can unlock new possibilities for you:

1. Aerial Cinematography Mastery

Shoot In China leverages cutting-edge technology for aerial cinematography. Our specialized camera movement team employs a suite of tools, including drones, cable cams, helicopters, and gimbal systems, to capture breathtaking shots safely and effectively.

2. Compliant and Seasoned Drone Pilots

Our commitment to safety and professionalism is unmatched. We ensure that all our drone operations comply with UTC (DJ Licensed) regulations. To fly in Chinese cities, we obtain the necessary authorizations and waivers. Furthermore, many of our skilled pilots are proud members of respected aviation organizations like AOPA and ASFC.

3. Unrivaled Drone Technology

We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art drone fleet, designed to meet the demands of even the most ambitious projects. Our arsenal includes:

  • DJI Inspire 3 drone with X8-Air camera system
  • Heavy lift drone with Arri Alexa Mini LF (or similar) and the Cablecam system
  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine
  • DJI Inspire 3 with X9-Air
  • DJI X9 Air Camera
  • Arri Alexa Mini LF
  • Arri Alexa Mini
  • Red Komodo
  • Red V-Raptor
  • Phase One XF with IQ4 Back
  • Sony A7RIV
  • Sony A7SIII
  • Canon R5

4. Diverse Industry Reach

Our services cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring that we can meet your specific needs. Whether it’s Agriculture, Cinematography, Construction, Real Estate, or Wedding Photography, we have the expertise and cutting-edge equipment to deliver exceptional results. From ground collection to infrastructure inspection, we’ve got you covered.

5. The Magic of Cinematography Drones

Cinematography has evolved dramatically from analog to digital film. Drone services have breathed new life into aerial cinematography, allowing us to capture stunning moving images. The benefits of our Cinematography Drones include:

  • Exceptional maneuverability, surpassing traditional methods like cranes and cable cameras.
  • Reduced disruption on set due to their quieter operation.
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional helicopter shots.
  • Versatility in capturing sweeping shots from a few feet above the ground to several hundred feet in the air.
  • Swift setup, allowing us to take flight within minutes upon arrival.

To conclude, Shoot In China is your go-to partner for premier Drone Services in China. Our seasoned team, state-of-the-art technology, and adaptability across industries make us the perfect choice for your aerial content needs. Whether you’re working on TV commercials, corporate videos, or feature films, we’re here to make your creative vision soar. Reach out to us today to discover the ideal Drone Cinematography Pilot for your next production.


Professional Film Production Services in China | Shoot In China

Welcome to Shoot In China, the premier film production company specializing in providing top-notch production services in China. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have been at the forefront of delivering exceptional productions for diverse projects across the nation.

china production services

As a renowned film production company, Shoot In China has been a trusted partner for clients in creating captivating and high-quality content. With over 10 years of experience, we have built a solid reputation for our professionalism and dedication to delivering outstanding results. Our team of bilingual English-Chinese professionals based in Shanghai since 2012 is committed to guiding and supporting you through each step of the production process.

At Shoot In China, we offer comprehensive production services tailored to meet the unique needs of your project. From pre-production planning, scriptwriting, and casting to production support, location scouting, and post-production editing, our team ensures that every aspect of your production is handled with utmost care and expertise. We work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life on the screen.

As a leading film production company, Shoot In China understands the importance of having the right resources and equipment for a successful production. We provide access to state-of-the-art film equipment, including cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and more, to ensure that your project is executed with the highest quality standards. Our team of experienced professionals, including directors, cinematographers, producers, and crew members, work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results.

China’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities provide a wealth of filming locations for various projects. Whether you are looking for picturesque natural scenery, modern urban settings, or historical landmarks, Shoot In China has extensive knowledge and experience in location scouting across China. From the bustling streets of Beijing to the enchanting landscapes of Guilin and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Shanghai, we can help you find the perfect backdrop for your production.

In addition to our production services, Shoot In China also provides comprehensive production support to ensure a seamless filming experience. Our production support services include production insurance, location management, equipment rental, and more. We handle the logistical aspects of your production, allowing you to focus on the creative process and achieve your artistic vision.

Contact Shoot In China today to discuss your upcoming project. As a trusted film production company in China, we are passionate about bringing your ideas to life and delivering exceptional content. Collaborate with us and let our professional team help you create captivating films that resonate with your audience. Together, we can elevate your production to new heights.


Professional Film Equipment Rental in Beijing | Arri, Canon, Sony, Blackmagic Cameras and More!

Are you planning a film shoot in Beijing and looking for high-quality equipment to rent? Look no further than our film equipment rental services! We offer a range of top-notch cameras, lighting, grip equipment, and studio space to help you capture your vision.

Film Equipment Rental in Beijing
Film Equipment Rental in Beijing

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a student working on a film project, our rental equipment can help you create stunning visuals and achieve the perfect shot. Our inventory includes the latest models of Arri, Canon, Sony, and Blackmagic cameras, as well as a range of lenses, tripods, and accessories to suit your needs.

In addition to our camera rental services, we also offer a wide range of lighting and grip equipment to help you control the atmosphere and mood of your shoot. From simple on-camera lights to full lighting kits and grip equipment, we have everything you need to achieve the perfect shot.

We also provide a variety of studio spaces for rent, including sound stages and green screen studios, which are perfect for filming interviews, product demonstrations, and special effects shots. Our studios are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and ample electrical outlets, to ensure a comfortable and efficient filming experience.

At our Beijing film equipment rental services, we understand the importance of having reliable and high-quality equipment to capture your vision, and we take great pride in providing our clients with top-notch equipment and exceptional customer service. We offer competitive rates and flexible rental periods to ensure that you have the equipment you need when you need it.

Whether you’re filming a commercial, a music video, a documentary, or a feature film, our film equipment rental services can provide you with everything you need to create a stunning and memorable final product. Contact us today to discuss your rental needs and to get a quote for our equipment and services. We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life!


Rent a Top-Quality Photo Studio in Shanghai – Studio In China

Whether you are an aspiring model, an entrepreneur looking to showcase your products or a creative director seeking a professional photo studio, Studio In China has got you covered. Our company is dedicated to providing full-service studio options in Shanghai and across China, with the resources of photographers for different industries such as fashion, food and beverage, products, and more.

shanghai photo studio
Shanghai photo studio rental

When it comes to photo studio rentals in Shanghai, Studio In China stands out from the competition. We understand the importance of having a professional photo shoot and the impact it can have on your brand or image. Our team is committed to providing exceptional services that cater to your unique needs, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of perfect.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Studio In China is the wide range of studio options we provide. Our studio rentals are designed to accommodate various photo shoot requirements, from small-scale shoots to large-scale productions. Our studios come equipped with the latest lighting, sound, and photography equipment, providing our clients with the tools they need to bring their creative vision to life.

Furthermore, our team of photographers is skilled in different industries, enabling us to cater to your specific needs. For example, if you are in the fashion industry, we have photographers who specialize in fashion photography and understand the nuances of capturing the perfect shot. Similarly, if you are in the food and beverage industry, we have photographers who know how to capture mouth-watering images that will entice your audience.

At Studio In China, we take pride in providing personalized services to each of our clients. We understand that each project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their requirements fully. Our team of professionals will help you with every aspect of the shoot, from setting up the studio to providing technical support during the shoot.

In addition to our top-notch studio rentals and photography services, we also offer post-production services to ensure that your images look their best. Our team of editors is skilled in using the latest software and tools to enhance and retouch your images,


Shanghai Photo Studio Rental: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a professional photography or film studio in Shanghai? Look no further than Shoot In China. We don’t have our own studio, but we have a vast network of partners that offer a wide selection of high-quality studio spaces to meet your needs.

Shanghai Photo Studio Rental
Shanghai Photo Studio Rental

Our expert team provides location scouting and management services to help you find the perfect studio for your project. Whether you need a green screen studio, a stand-in studio, or a film set, we have you covered. We can even help you build or design a custom set if needed.

At Shoot In China, we have a long history of providing bilingual services and a rich experience in filming. Our local presence and industry connections give us a unique advantage in finding the best studios at the best prices for our clients.

Whether you’re shooting a commercial, music video, or feature film, we have the expertise and resources to help you make it a success. Contact us today to learn more about our Shanghai photo studio rental services and how we can help bring your vision to life.

In addition to their studio facilities, Shoot In China offers location management and scouting services, making it easy for clients to find the perfect location for their project. They also have green screen studios, which can be used to create any backdrop or environment you desire, giving you complete creative control over your project.

If you require custom sets or design elements, Shoot In China’s team of set builders and designers can help bring your vision to life. With their extensive knowledge of the industry and attention to detail, they can create stunning sets that enhance the overall quality of your project.

Overall, Shoot In China is a reliable and professional choice for all your photo studio rental needs in Shanghai. With their history in China, local presence, bilingual services, and wealth of experience, they are well-equipped to provide exceptional services to clients from all over the world. Whether you need a sim


Camera Rental Services in Shanghai: A Guide to Digital Cinema Cameras

Shanghai is a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving film industry. For filmmakers and videographers in the city, having access to high-quality camera equipment is essential to creating top-notch productions. Fortunately, there are plenty of camera rental services in Shanghai that offer a wide range of gear, including digital cinema cameras.

contact us for all your gear rental needs in Shanghai, and China:

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Shanghai Camera Rental Services
Shoot In China provides all types of equipment rental for clients production needs, since 2012.

Digital cinema cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to capture high-quality video footage. These cameras offer a range of features and capabilities that are well-suited to professional filmmaking, such as high-resolution sensors, advanced autofocus systems, and extensive manual controls. In Shanghai, there are several digital cinema cameras that are popular among filmmakers and videographers, including models from Arri, Canon Cinema, Sony Cinema, and Black Magic.

Arri Digital Cinema Cameras

Arri is a leading manufacturer of digital cinema cameras, known for producing high-quality gear that is widely used in the film industry. The Arri Alexa Mini is a popular camera model that is often used for commercials, music videos, and feature films. It features a 35mm format sensor, up to 4K resolution, and a dynamic range of up to 14 stops. Other popular Arri models include the Arri Amira and the Arri Alexa LF.

Canon Cinema Digital Cinema Cameras

Canon is another top brand when it comes to digital cinema cameras. The Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II is a popular model that features a full-frame sensor, up to 5.9K resolution, and advanced autofocus capabilities. It is often used for high-end productions, including feature films and television shows. Other popular Canon Cinema models include the Canon EOS C300 Mark III and the Canon EOS C200.

Sony Cinema Digital Cinema Cameras

Sony is a leader in the electronics industry and also produces a range of digital cinema cameras. The Sony Venice is a popular model that features a full-frame sensor, up to 6K resolution, and a wide dynamic range. It is often used for high-end productions, including feature films and television shows. Other popular Sony Cinema models include the Sony PXW-FX9 and the Sony FS7 II.

Black Magic Digital Cinema Cameras

Black Magic is a newer player in the digital cinema camera market but has quickly gained popularity due to its affordable pricing and high-quality gear. The Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is a popular model that features a Super 35mm sensor, up to 6K resolution, and advanced color science. Other popular Black Magic models include the Black Magic URSA Mini Pro and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

In addition to these digital cinema cameras, many camera rental services in Shanghai also offer a range of other gear, including cinema packages, pro HD video cameras, mirrorless cameras, medium format digital cameras, and more. Some of the most popular camera brands and accessories include Panasonic, Nikon, GoPro, Sigma, and Canon EF and RF lenses.

When choosing a camera rental service in Shanghai, it’s important to consider factors such as pricing, equipment availability, and customer service. Many rental services offer competitive pricing, with rates that vary depending on the equipment and rental period. It’s also important to ensure that the rental service has the gear you need and that it is well-maintained and in good working condition.

Overall, renting a digital cinema camera in Shanghai is a great way to access top-of-the-line equipment without having to invest in purchasing it outright. With a range of camera rental services available in the city, it’s easy to find the right gear for your production needs and capture high-quality footage that will help your project stand out.